Frequently Asked Questions

We realize you probably have lots of questions. We have some answers below. Contact us anytime through our contact form or email us at We are here to help.

What information does the client need to provide?

You will need to provide content (logos, photos, and text). We can assist in finding these resources for you if needed. Other information like business hours, location, email addresses, phone numbers and other contact information will be needed. Items like privacy policies and terms of use can be provided as boilerplate content from us but should always be vetted by your legal advisers.

Who owns the website after launch?

Once final payment is made, you own it. The website code and database are your property. We will provide you with a copy of your site once the site goes live.

Will my website be compatible with common browsers and platforms?

As part of our process, we build your website using responsive mobile friendly design and test on all common operating systems, platforms and browsers.

Can Severin Web Design update an existing website?

Depending on the platform your website was developed with, yes. Contact us and we can analyze your site to determine if we are able to update your site or not.

Will Severin Web Design help me acquire a web site address or domain?

We can assist in registering your site address (domain name) as it is not a difficult task. Finding an available domain name can prove tricky. Most short domains are already taken. Although, you might be able to purchase from a third party. Not to worry. We can help you navigate the search and selection process.

How long will it take to build my website?

Short answer, it depends. It really does. The duration of any project depends on many things including your needs, amount of content, pages your need, and any various features you want to include. Our process will flesh out these details and allow us to give you an idea once we send you a proposal. We do work with our clients and we work to meet reasonable schedules defined by our client.

Am I limited to a number of pages on my website?

Not at all. Our goal is to build a website that fits your needs so we will create the pages that you need. The more pages you have the more pages you will have to link to. Page links are one method of analyzing your website’s SEO ranking on major search engines. Also, we encourage our clients to add news/articles/blogs as this will help with SEO and keep your customers engaged and interested in the goings on at your organization.

Can I make changes to my website myself after it is launched?

Absolutely. In fact we recommend that you make changes to content and copy as needed. If you need assistance or training we can help. If you don’t want to deal with it we’ll make the changes you need at our hourly rate. We also encourage our clients to create their own content as news, articles or blogs as this is a great way to engage your customers and clients. Experts also say it is a great way to improve your SEO scoring.

Does Severin Web Design provide hosting services for my website?

We are not a hosting provider. We do recommend hosting providers that are a good fit for your business. If you decide to have us provide website maintenance for your new or improved site we do require that you use hosting providers that we recommend. It is all about building on a strong foundation and that starts with proper hosting.

How do you bill/invoice?

Billing/invoicing will be stated as part of the contract for work but generally there will be a couple of milestones. The first milestone will be considered a deposit to start work and is non-refundable. This first payment will be around 30 - 50% of the final amount of the proposal depending on the size of the project. At each milestone the client will approve the work and pay for the next stage. The final payment is due prior to launch of the site. No worries, you will have a chance to test thoroughly in a staging environment the complete site before it goes live. For site maintenance plans there will be a monthly payment where you pay for the next months maintenance. You can contract with Severin Web Design to maintain your site in yearly increments.

What will my website cost?

We tailor each proposal to the needs of our clients. Our entire philosophy is about creating Solutions That Fit™. In doing so, we cannot predict your cost until we have thoroughly analyzed your needs and requirements. This is why we start out with a free consultation that allows us to understand your needs and allows you to evaluate us before you spend any money. Be assured that Severin Web Design will not oversell or undersell you a website solution.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, we accept credit card, PayPal, and checks.

Are there any hidden fees?

No way. We hate surprises as much as you do. We make every effort to show you all costs before you sign our proposal. If something changes that will effect your cost we will let you know before hand.