Free Website Consultation

Why a FREE Consultation?

  • Understanding

    In order to create a solution that fits your business, I need to understand your website/eCommerce needs. Successful projects have a plan. To plan we need information.

  • Build Trust and Confidence

    Let’s face it, unless you have done business with me before you have no idea if I am the right designer/developer to tackle your project. This gives you a chance, at no cost, to get to know me.

  • Create a Relationship

    Communication is essential to creating a working relationship for the success of your project.

  • Flexible

    The free consultation is not limited to a fixed amount of time. It could take a couple of hours or more than one meeting depending on what you need.

  • Not a Sales Pitch

    The free consultation does not include a high pressure sales pitch. This is about determining what you need and whether I can help you or not.

  • A Proposal is The Goal

    The goal is to gather enough information to create a comprehensive proposal for you.

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