How Severin Works

Our Process

The Severin Web Design Process starts when you contact us. We start learning about your needs through a free consultation allowing us to understand your online goals, needs and website requirements. Once approved, we adhere to the following process cultivated over many years of experience building systems and solutions. This process allows us to plan, design, and construct a solution that fits your needs.

Identifying Needs - Everything We Want

Using a number of techniques including your direct input, brainstorming, industry analysis (what others are doing) and a client questionnaire we determine everything you want to include in a solution. This generates a generous list of needs/requirements allowing us to better understand your wishes.

Needs Analysis - What We Really Need

We drill down further to determine the comprehensive needs of the project. This provides the proposed scope of the project, list of features, general plan, time frame, and an identification of costs involved.

Design - How We Get What We Want

Before we build the site, we need to determine how it will be built. We create a map of the site (site map), features are defined, navigation and feature locations are determined, and a wire-frame or similar of the site is created and approved. We create a live prototype with page/feature placeholders, general branding, colors, and flavor.

Development - Build What We Want

Using an iterative process, the analysis and design come together and we build the solution. We create each page, feature and component needed to match your requirements. As we assemble all the parts, we test each piece to make sure it fits into your solution. We do not develop in a bubble. We encourage our a clients to provide feedback to make sure their needs are met.

Staging - Did We Get What We Need

After the development of the site is completed and all features are thoroughly tested, we create a full version of the site in a staging environment. We mirror the live environment as close as possible. At this stage, we test the system as if it was live. This allows clients to see and use what was built before going live.

Launch! - Use What We Made

The big day! We create a robust production environment where any hosting, content delivery network, and internal production settings are made. Among other tasks, we establish all Security certificates (SSL), point your domain address to the new site, update search engines and apply any redirects if needed.

Maintenance - Keep It Running

Websites need to be maintained in order to keep them operating, functioning, and secure. These tasks include but are not limited to performing and verifying backups, applying/testing needed software updates, and running/analyzing security scans. We offer site maintenance plans if you choose a hosting provider approved by us.

Built on a Strong Foundation

To ensure a quality product we adhere to the following essential functions allowing you to feel confident that your site will be set to modern standards.

Google Analytics Ready

We implement Google Analytics with each website we launch to provide a tool to track and report on your site’s user behavior and demographics, providing a means of identifying and refining the User Experience (UX) in order to improve your sales.

Mobile Friendly - Responsive Design

Severin Web Design employs responsive website design technology, ensuring that your website is fully compatible with all commonly used web browsers, systems, and device screen sizes.

Content Management System

We build websites utilizing the popular open source content management system. This allows us to provide built-in content management which allows you to manage your images, videos, text and content all on your own. If you are not confident in making your own changes, we can add training to your proposal or make any changes for you. We are flexible.

SEO Friendly

We start out right from the beginning thinking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Severin Web Design implements a number of strategies including using WordPress, image optimization, SEO friendly URLs, secure SSL certificates and installing a SEO plugin.

Fully Tested

Each website created is produced and tested using industry best practices and comprehensive testing performed in 3 separate environments to develop, stage, and deploy your site into a live production environment.

Manage on the Go

Utilizing allows us to provide to you, at no cost, the ability to manage your content on the go from any mobile device. This allows you to engage your readers, clients, and customers from anywhere you can use a mobile device.

We sweat the details because we understand that ambiguity is the kryptonite of great development. We get it, this stuff is difficult. We built our design process so we can breakdown something that is unwieldy into smaller manageable tasks.

Successful projects have a plan. To plan we need information. Our free consultation starts that process and allows us to understand your needs and gives you an idea of how we work.

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