Website Maintenance Plans

Maintenance is essential for a stable, healthy website. All software including websites need to be maintained. Properly maintaining your site allows you to avoid problems before they happen and become expensive.

Over time, your site will accumulate unpublished documents, amass unused data, and pile up needed updates adversely affecting your performance and general security.

Build a Custom Maintenance Solution

Create a custom maintenance plan that includes the following

  • Virus and Security Scans
  • Periodic Testing of Page Load Times
  • Daily Automated Backups - Verified Weekly
  • Periodic Database Optimization
  • Empty Draft and Trash Folders
  • Staged WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Staged E-commerce and Payment Gateway Updates
  • Check Spam Filters
  • Check for Broken Links (SEO)

Let’s face it, no one likes to do maintenance and it can be complicated. Instead of adding complicated maintenance to your task list allow us to do it for you. That’s less tasks and less worry for you.