Welcome to the Severin Web Design News Feed

Hello everyone, welcome to the first post on the Severin Web Design news feed. In this first post I will explain what Severin Web Design does, what the purpose of this news feed will be, and some of the neat ideas I have for it.

First off, I am not a writer but I will try my best to write engaging and interesting content for the news feed. The good thing is I will have some help.

Let’s get to it.

Severin Web Design does what now?

Our website says this about us:

“We are an Atlanta based web design/development agency that specializes in e-commerce, web design and website maintenance solutions. Severin Web Design can help you and your business sell your products or services online, reach a global audience, and build a brand that competes at a global level. We create Solutions That Fit™.”

That’s interesting… but what does all of that mean.

I think the last sentence wraps up our philosophy nicely. We create Solutions That Fit™. We build websites that fit the needs of our clients. We analyze the needs or our clients, follow a well defined process and build a solution that meets their current and future needs. We believe there are no one size fits all solutions.

Basically, we will help you build a web presence that helps you build your business or sell your products and services. Plus, we will help you maintain it.

Checked that one off the list. Whew. Rolling now. Writing isn’t that difficult…

Purpose of the News Feed

Just to be direct about it, this news feed is about promoting the Severin Web Design business. SEO (search engine optimization) experts state that a great way to gain a good SEO score is by providing good content that is updated often. The better the score, the more clicks your site will get. Unsure of what SEO means? No worries, we plan to have a number of articles about it.

Cool. That does not sound like fun. I’d rather make this fun. One of my goals is to make this interesting and fun for you and me.

We will of course include technical articles on topics like WordPress, SEO, web design, e-commerce, project management and all that kind of stuff. We’ll also include other topics like grilling recipes, what’s happening in the office, inspirational/motivational articles, veterans issues, and even some guest authors.

About veterans’ issues — as a US Navy vet, I take this one personally. As Severin grows and gets off the ground, we’ll make veterans issues (and in particular veteran homelessness) a Severin side project. Stay tuned.

I actually have a guest author lined up already.

Severin’s First Guest Author!

I’d like to introduce (drum roll…) Gloria Kaasch-Buerger. Gloria writes about her experiences with chronic pain. Not only does she write about her experience but she also helps others in pain through her Facebook group on pelvic pain. Gloria helped me write and organize the Severin Web Design content. She is also my niece and one of the strongest people I know. She has agreed to write an article or two about her journey for us. Here are a couple of her articles: When I Was Asked By a Psychologist If I Considered Accepting My Chronic Pain and Chronic Pain Makes Me Complicated, Not Lazy. Prepare to be inspired!

Let’s Wrap Up

We think of this news feed as a conversation with our clients, colleagues and friends so please comment and suggest any topics you would like to see. Not only is this news feed about promoting Severin Web Design but it is about connecting with people.